The MyCANScan Project

MyCANScan is collection of CAN bus tools for the Toyota Prius hybrid car. In particular, it includes the graphcan application, which can display much more information than the standard Multi Function Display. MyCANScan is an Open Source project based on the "My Can Project" by Attila Vass. See also the Sourceforge project page.


Changes compared to Attila Vass version includes:

graphcan on the EEE PC

graphcan was originally developed for the Sharp Zaurus. My primary platform is the EEE PC. Here's my setup:

EEE PC in Prius
EEE placed on floor in Prius

I'm using the CANUSB adapter

Modified ODB2 connector
The ODB2-to-CAN adapter is IPEK-003004. It has been slightly modifed, so that the cabel exits on the right

Bottom of EEE PC
By attaching Velcro to the bottom of the EEE PC, the laptop hooks into the floor map

EEE PC and the tissue box
Since the EEE PC is very thin, the tissue box can still be used

graphcan screen, engine on
Sample graphcan screen with engine running

graphcan screen, EV mode
Sample graphcan screen in EV mode

Peter Åstrand 2008